The insurance industry stands at a digital byroad owing to the fact that the Internet of Things(IoT) has steadily changed the way industries function. The emerging manipulation of telematics gadgets and ‘Pay on the go’ Type products has perhaps made the insurance industry first among the Banking and Financial Services institutions to endure and acknowledge the IoT revolution first hand. Moreover the industry is undergoing multiple challenges from competitive market scenario and dynamic customer demands to technology driven turmoil like the operations of mobiles and more rigid regulations. Helming this environment with the apt policy and partnership is the key to success.

At Matrix Data Solutions, we assist companies address their innovation requirements, eyeball key transpiring technologies for investments and retain faster benefits. With robust experience across numerous industry segments, we have been equal participants in many successful transfiguration with neoteric insurance IT solutions permitting our customers garner opulent dividends. We have conceived strategy towards metamorphosis of digital enterprises or mobile enabling of sales channels or assembling analytics solutions to underwrite enterprise data governance, We have been there and triumphantly played an important role in these transfiguration.

Furthermore, we bring in esteemed insurance domain expertise to projects furnishing a consultive stratagem to projects in addition of the rooted technical strength across various platforms.  We entrust far and wide development and testing services for policy administration, claims management, underwriting and quotations of our industry standard frameworks and massive practices. Sporting a broad spectrum of products collaboration in industry domain, Matrix Data Solutions has been able to proficiently leverage products and practice brilliance to furnish class apart experience to customers.

With our  industry-relevant expertise and a conventionally brilliant track record, our solutions enable insurers to:

  • Embrace digital tools for a clearer discernment of precise customer needs.
  • Help revamp processes within the industry
  • Furnish unblemished customer experiences

Our solutions also rephrase into clear cost benefits. We purvey this through the:

  • Automation of processes to make them more proficient by generating more straight-through processing (STP)
  • Moulding of customer self-service systems to vanquish the burden on back-office operations.